DronFest 2016

The first year of Dronfest took place on 3rd and 4th June 2016 and it surpassed expectations – despite the bad weather as many as four thousand people did not miss the opportunity to visit it! You could see the machines of the most important drone manufacturers – DJI, Gryphon Dynamics, RobodroneIndustry, Flydeo, FlyabilityGimbal, Telink, Jamcopters and others in DEPO2015 Creative Zone. Also lectures were widely attended and a lot of visitors were attracted by remarkable aerial demonstrations. One part of DronFest was the Drone race – a qualification for the world drone racing championship. And, of course, there was entertainment for the youngest in the form of various competitions.

We thank all partners for their participation, contestants for great performances, and visitors for many positive feedbacks.

We look forward to seeing you at DronFest 2017!


The winners competition 2016:


1.place – team Robots – Josef Švec a Zdeněk Pavlátka
2.place – Petr Končický
3.place – Jakub Kejval


We received more than 100 photos a many interesting videos!

Category “photo of drone”
1. place – Ondřej Burda

Category “photo from drone”
1. place – Lukáš Brchl
2. place – Zdeněk Adler
3. place – Bohumil Adler

Category “video”
1. place – Kamil Vitásek
2. place – Martin Koudela
3. place – Ondřej Picek

Category video the most “likes” on youtube
1. place – Tomáš Mertlík

Category photo the most “likes” on Facebook
1. place – Tomáš Mertlík